Sellers Advocacy

Sellers advocacy, sometimes referred to as Vendor Advocacy is a growing service industry that provides property sellers with professional independent support and unbiased advice.

Advocate Property Services offers this service complimentary to sellers.

So how does the Sellers Advocacy work?

Advocate Property Services will meet and discuss with you all aspects of your sale.

Your motivation, preferred timing, learn more about the style of marketing campaign and selling agent that you would like to have sell your home.

As your Sellers Advocate we research the local agents for you.

Our aim is to identify the strongest sales agent in your area that is best suited to your property and personal circumstances.

We interview the agents, discuss the proposed marketing campaign, commission fee’s and local sale successes so you can ultimately make the choice of which agent you would like to work with armed with the confidence of our research and support.

Advocate Property Services will communicate with the agent and seller through the entire sales campaign.

Who is this service best suited to:


Time poor property owners


Out-of-area investors who need local knowledge


Long-term residents who find the selling process daunting and confronting


Sellers who are unfamiliar with the process


Family estates, where an unbiased decision needs to be made


Owners seeking advice on how to best prep for sale

It is our aim to ensure your best interests are served throughout the sales campaign.

APS does the research for you with the final choice ultimately in the hands of the seller – no hard push or sales tactics employed. We will help guide your decision and advise on who we see as your best contact but support your decision regardless.

We are compensated for our time with a fee payable from the sales agent commission. There is no service cost to you.

This service saves you time and guarantees to deliver the best agents who provide the best selling price within the fastest time frame.

As Property Buyers Agents we not only provide vendors with sellers advocate support but also deliver independent advice and ongoing communication during the sales process.

If you would like to learn more about this service contact 0414 947 645 or on email

Other Services

At APS we work differently to other property investment businesses in the marketplace.


Whether you are seeking a full Buyers’ Agent service or contemplating selling a property and need an advocate to act for you.

If you are looking at buying new property but don’t know where to start and needing some strategy around your investing plans.

Find out how we can work together.

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