New Builds

New building codes in recent years has seen the emergence of granny-flat builds, dual-key and duplex builds in growth corridors around capital cities. 

As our population numbers increase and the way we live, commute and work all change, so too does the way people choose to live. 

It is about convenience, location, proximity and community. Newly established areas are strategically designed to allow for lifestyle around families, with waterways preserved, walking paths established and access to schools and transport being of prime importance.

Savvy property investors are enjoying the high-yielding returns and tax benefits these new builds provide. There is comfort in running an investment with two tenancies so you are never left with an empty property.

APS works with clients from the purchase of the land through to the completed build. Buyers seeking out these deals are often under represented by an advocate service such as ours. 

This is a service we provide complimentary to buyers with the full benefits of having an advocate act for you from brief to keys and the service includes the following:


We physically inspect every location


Each builder, their reputation build quality and size of the company is reviewed


Comparing build quality and builder options


Look at rental demand (for investors specifically)


Your return on investment


Negotiating on bonus fixtures and outgoings, terms of contract


We can introduce you to independent builders who are licensed, reputable with high industry standards, years of business and locate a suitable site 


Not all sites represent good value – build costs can blow out dependant on slope of land, position of sewer and storm water, bushfire risk and accessibility – you can save tens of thousands of dollars by getting this right 

Does this sound like an option for your portfolio, something you would like to hear more about?

We strongly advise that you do not sign any contract without independent advice.

Please call or email us to book in a 20-minute strategy session today.

0414 947 645

Other Services

At APS we work differently to other property investment businesses in the marketplace.


Whether you are seeking a full Buyers’ Agent service or contemplating selling a property and need an advocate to act for you.

If you are looking at buying new property but don’t know where to start and needing some strategy around your investing plans.

Find out how we can work together.

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