House & Land

Where to buy, when, what to pay, who to trust, what will the resale value be, what rent can we achieve?

EVERY home buyer has pondered a number of these questions and the analysis of those answers can lead to inaction. 

With house and land purchases the answers might not be the same for an investor vs a home owner. Having a team of experts help you navigate the noise and confusion can make the entire process easier and more seamless achieving the best possible outcome for you!

As part of our service we research all areas before making any recommendations to ensure they meet the right criteria for each unique client. That could mean city access for one and good local schools to another. It is our job to ensure those needs are met.

To discuss more about this service, please complete our contact us page, email or call 0414 947 645.

Other Services

At APS we work differently to other property investment businesses in the marketplace.


Whether you are seeking a full Buyers’ Agent service or contemplating selling a property and need an advocate to act for you.

If you are looking at buying new property but don’t know where to start and needing some strategy around your investing plans.

Find out how we can work together.

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